In a hurry to get some apps on the table before guests arrive? Beat the buzzer by taking a grocery store veggie tray to the next level with these easy tips!


  1. Take veggies out of the original container and arrange them artfully on a platter, plate, board or tray.
  2. Add one or two additional veggies to the original tray contents. Chop up a  bell pepper, use the mandolin to slice up a few radishes, add edamame or open a jar/can of olives to add more color and variety to a basic board. Use an additional bowl to hold edamame or olives to capture any liquid that may come from those particular ingredients.
  3. Lay leaves of iceberg or Romaine lettuce, cabbage or other hearty green as the base layer of the board and add the veggies as you would a salad. For a more playful look, add microgreens as a final touch!
  4. Add a dip in addition to or in place of the ranch-style dip that comes with the tray.  Hummus (any flavor), Tzaziki, yogurt and herb dip, whipped feta, baba ghanoush, etc. work perfectly. If you want to keep the dip that came in the tray, pour it into a dish and recycle the original.

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