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PBH Connects Produce Industry with Retail Dietitians at PMA’s Fresh Summit

Katie Toulouse, Marketing & Communications Director
Produce for Better Health Foundation
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Education2Action Provides Education, Culinary and Agricultural Immersion Experiences to Help Bridge the Gap Among Retailers, The Produce Industry and Consumers

October 7, 2019 – For the 8th consecutive year, the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) will bring more than 20 influential retail dietitians to its 2019 Education2Action Retail Dietitian Event, hosted alongside PMA’s Fresh Summit, October 16-19 in Anaheim, California. As part of PBH’s commitment to bridging the gap among food retail, the produce industry, and most importantly the consumer, this event provides retail dietitians with access to the latest produce innovations, new research and insights as well as tools to inspire increased fruit and vegetable consumption in-store and online.

“Retailers have significant impact on the shopper path-to-purchase, and we know retail dietitians are natural promoters of produce, playing a critical role in moving fruits and vegetables at the point of sale,” says Annette Maggi, MS, RDN, LD, FAND, PBH’s retail accounts manager. “The goal with this event is to provide retailers with education and networking experiences that inspire them to get creative with fruits and vegetables and take back actionable ideas to help drive produce purchases in their stores and in digital communications.”

PBH’s signature retail dietitian event continues to put “Education2Action” by offering an array of educational and experiential programs throughout four days. Education sessions offer timely topics like podcasting – a popular communications platform that can inspire shoppers with creative ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables. During an agriculture innovation session, retail dietitians will address shopper interests and become well-versed in the often-misinterpreted plant-to-plate story. Retail attendees will also get an up close look at agriculture through a field immersion experience sponsored by the California Strawberry Commission. PBH’s Powerful Produce Pairings program is the theme for delectable culinary experiences and tastings throughout the program, showcasing the taste, flavor and cravability of produce when creatively paired with other nutrient-rich foods from sponsors like Kellogg’s, California Walnuts and Chelan Fresh. The event wraps on Friday and Saturday with scheduled booth visits with produce industry leaders on the show floor.

“This year’s event is particularly exciting because it immerses a new group of retail dietitians into the world of produce with the very companies fueling the plant-forward movement. Uniting these two groups drives collaboration – and profits – with meaningful promotions that inspire life-changing habits and behavior change among today’s shoppers,” says Sharese Roper, PBH’s Member Engagement Director. “Our popular booth visits on the PMA show floor allow sponsors to unveil new products and share the most relevant messaging and insights that will directly influence shopper decisions. This is a win-win for sponsors and retail dietitians as they promote healthier lifestyle solutions for shoppers nationwide.”

“At PBH, we are focused on elevating fruit and vegetable consumption as a national priority. We know eating more fruits and vegetables is the single most important action Americans’ can take to live happier, healthier lives,” says Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RD, president and CEO of PBH. “We can’t do this alone though; and that’s why we’re proud to be a collaborative partner on this event and others where we can connect influencers with the produce industry in order to make an impact. Together, through our Have A Plant™ Movement, we can truly instill life-long habits that include fruits and vegetables at every single eating occasion, every single day.”

About the Produce for Better Health Foundation
Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH), a nonprofit 501(c)(3), is the only national organization dedicated to helping consumers live happier, healthy lives by eating more fruits and vegetables, including fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice, every single day.

Since 1991, PBH has invested decades into developing trended insights on attitudes toward all forms of fruit and vegetable consumption, in addition to campaigns and partnerships with government, food industry stakeholders, health professionals and other thought leaders to collaborate, facilitate and advocate for increased intake. Campaigns included first, the 5-A-Day program, and then, the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters public health initiative. While five fruits and vegetables each day is great advice, and more will always matter, PBH’s new behavior-based call-to-action is Have A Plant™. Rooted in behavioral science, PBH’s transformative Have A Plant™ movement is an invitation that will inspire people with compelling reasons to believe in the powerful role fruits and vegetables can play to create happy, healthy and active lives.

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