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PBH Announces Maye Musk as Keynote for Consumer Connection Conference



Katie Toulouse, Marketing & Communications Director
Produce for Better Health Foundation
[email protected]

February 4, 2020 – The Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH) will feature celebrity dietitian and style icon, Maye Musk, on the closing day of The Consumer Connection Conference in April. The CoverGirl® model recently released her new book, A Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Lifetime of Adventure, Beauty, and Success, in December of 2019, which addresses “living dangerously – and carefully” to create success, making her an ideal keynote to inspire the produce industry to be bold and take chances.

“As an empowered female leader myself, I am thrilled to host Ms. Musk and have her share her inspirational life lessons, encouraging the produce industry to take a bold leap into the future. Fruits and vegetables are having a moment right now; it’s time to take ahold of a movement that could change behavior toward eating and enjoying more every single day,” says Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, president and CEO of PBH. “Maye is one of the utmost respected influencers out there who is inspiring change, and she may just be fruits and veggies biggest fan.”

Ms. Musk will kick off the last day of a three-day conference that unites produce industry leaders with culinary, nutrition, lifestyle and fitness influencers April 13-16, 2020 in Scottsdale, AZ. During the Q&A interview-style session, attendees will enjoy key takeaways from an ambassador of change, with the goal of learning how it can apply to our own business challenges and life aspirations.

About Maye Musk

Maye Musk has run her own dietetics business for over 45 years in eight cities through speaking, consulting, counseling, writing and media work. She has two Master of Science degrees, in Dietetics (South Africa) and Nutritional Sciences (Canada). She has reached the peak in her field in three countries: the first Representative of the Consulting Dietitians of Southern Africa; President of the Consulting Dietitians of Canada; and Chair of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition. She also won the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award in the USA in 2006.

She was the first dietitian to be featured on a cereal box with her first book, Feel Fantastic, published in 1996. Maye gives presentations as a nutrition expert, social media influencer, entrepreneur and fashion icon to numerous corporations, organizations, associations, hospitals and universities. When asked for her best diet tip, it’s always “eat more fruits and vegetables.”

Maye is the mother of three, including entrepreneur Elon Musk and filmmaker Tosca Musk. Her younger son, Kimbal Musk, has farm-to-table restaurants in middle America, to provide fresh food economically, and to support local farmers. He has often said Maye is his source of inspiration.

She is an Ambassador for two non-profits that fit into her two careers: Big Green has built over 650 vegetable and fruit gardens in under-served schools in the USA; and Dress for Success, a global not-for-profit organization that has helped more than one million women achieve economic independence with personal and professional development programs and work attire.

About the Produce for Better Health Foundation

Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH), a nonprofit 501(c)(3), is the only national organization dedicated to helping consumers live happier, healthy lives by eating more fruits and vegetables, including fresh, frozen, canned, dried and 100% juice, every single day.

Since 1991, PBH has invested decades into developing trended insights on attitudes toward all forms of fruit and vegetable consumption, in addition to campaigns and partnerships with government, food industry stakeholders, health professionals and other thought leaders to collaborate, facilitate and advocate for increased intake. Campaigns included first, the 5-A-Day program, and then, the Fruits & Veggies—More Matters public health initiative. While five fruits and vegetables each day is great advice, and more will always matter, PBH’s new behavior-based call-to-action is Have A Plant™. Rooted in behavioral science, PBH’s transformative Have A Plant™ movement is an invitation that will inspire people with compelling reasons to believe in the powerful role fruits and vegetables can play to create happy, healthy and active lives.

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