PBH Health & Wellness Webinar

Managing Scientific Whiplash: The Evolution Of Dietary Fat & Cholesterol Research

Sponsored by Egg Nutrition Center and Fresh Avocados – Love One Today

Through the consumer lens, nutrition research can appear to be a moving target, a catalyst for headlines declaring a food to be good one day and bad the next. For example, avocados and eggs – two nutrient-dense foods that were once misunderstood for their fat and cholesterol content – are now considered valuable as part of healthy eating patterns. How did that happen?

Well-versed in the history of scientific whiplash, Jen Houchins, PhD, RD, Director of Nutrition Research at the Egg Nutrition Center and Nikki Ford, PhD, Senior Director of Nutrition at the Avocado Nutrition Center will showcase how the science and guidelines around eating for heart health has evolved, what the current body of evidence indicates about the role of dietary fat and cholesterol, the status of authoritative dietary guidance, and insights about future research. Lacy Haney, RD at H-E-B, will share insights on how retailers are leveraging shopper engagement to promote heart-healthy eating habits based in current science. Listeners will also learn practical tips for addressing lingering misperceptions about dietary fat and cholesterol and encouraging consumption of foods that support healthy eating patterns such as fruits and vegetables, like avocado, and eggs.

Watch the recording of the webinar below.

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Eggs, Avocado & Heart Health Handout