The Have A Plant® Community

Are you promoting fruits and vegetables daily in your work? Are you interested in helping millions of Americans lead happier, healthier lives by eating and enjoying more fruits and veggies every day? If you answered yes, we hope you’ll consider joining the Have A Plant® community as part of our influencer network!


Let’s Partner Up!

The Have A Plant® campaign is reaching millions of Americans thanks to the amazing work of our vast influencer network over the past few years.

As a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization, the Foundation for Fresh Produce relies on its influencer community, as well as its partners, to fuel the digital ecosystem with fruit- and veggie-loving content to support its mission to improve fruit and vegetable consumption in America.

We are excited to share the many ways that all plant-passionate advocates can be a part of our fruit- and veggie-loving community!

If you are currently sharing the Have A Plant® love in your own work every day, whether on social media and/or in your own channels online, in retail or in foodservice establishments, or in public health settings or communities nationwide, we already consider you a plant-passionate advocate. Sign up below to make it official! As an official part of our community, we ask that you consider using Have A Plant® messaging when communicating with consumers, when appropriate; use #haveaplant in all of your relevant social media posts and tag @fruitsandveggies when possible. In return you will get lots of love from @fruitsandveggies on social media (e.g., we’ll like and engage with your content, and in some cases with your permission, share with our followers).

Ready To Make A Difference?

We invite all like-minded, plant-passionate professionals to join our Have A Plant® community today! We are asking everyone to fill out the short form below so we have the most current information to communicate with you to achieve a beneficial experience for everyone.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Influencer & Community Manager Emily Holdorf, MS, RD: [email protected]

Now let’s Have A Plant® party!