Choose a firm, compact broccoflower head with tight, chartreuse florets. Avoid heads with brown spots or wilted leaves. 

Nutrient Content Claims
Fat free, Cholesterol free, Low sodium, High in vitamin C, Good source of folate, Good source of fiber 


Refrigerate unwashed broccoflower in a plastic bag and use within five days. Rinse before using.


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#DYK? Broccoflower is also called Romanesco? This neon green vegetable has a texture like cauliflower and a taste similar to broccoli. @fruitsandveggies #haveaplant 

#DYK? You can cook broccoflower just like you would cauliflower, though you may just want to look and take photographs of this mesmerizing veggie! @fruitsandveggies #haveaplant 

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