From You To Yum! Leveraging Nutrition Communications, Trends and Perceptions to Become Relevant to Today’s Consumers

Today’s consumers are constantly inundated with messages. What’s trending on social media, opinions of friends and family, the mainstream news media, and more all can have an impact on food and nutrition topics. With so many different sources of information, it can be hard for consumers to know who or what to trust while they navigate the ever-changing landscape of public health. As consumer priorities, shopping, and eating habits rapidly shift to fit the day’s needs, the challenge has never been greater to reach consumers with credible, relevant information and advice.

Join Leslie Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN, a PBH Fruit and Vegetable Ambassador in Action for “From You to Yum!” a webinar designed to showcase how you can leverage nutrition communications, trends and perceptions to become relevant to consumers today and in the future. Leslie will share tips for communicating in an effective, targeted, and memorable way while breaking through the noise of today’s environment of information overload.

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