Drink Your Fruits & Veggies: Telling The Truth About 100% Juice

Research shows juice is a nutrient-dense beverage containing similar essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, folate and potassium, found in fruits and vegetables. It is also a valuable source of bioactives, especially polyphenols, in the American diet. Bioactives give juice its unique color, flavor, taste and aroma. They are known for their health promoting properties in humans.

Current, Dietary Guidelines recognize 100% juice as part of the fruit and vegetable group and state that one cup of 100% juice is equivalent to one cup of fruit/vegetable. Research shows drinking 100% juice is a cost-effective way to meet fruit and vegetable goals, while also delivering significant nutrients and improving diet quality. Nonetheless, many misperceptions exist. Consumers as well as dietitians are confused about the healthfulness of 100% juice and its role in the diet. What does the science really say? What is the impact of drinking juice on body composition and weight, chronic illness and dental health? Learn why, as a complement to fruit, juice, in appropriate amounts, is a convenient, accessible, and affordable way for both children and adults to obtain their daily fruit servings.

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