America’s Sweet Tooth: Using Fruits & Veggies To Create Delicious Sugar Substitutions

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America has a sugar problem – added sugars to be specific. Nutrition experts and policymakers have warned Americans of the widespread health issues associated with excess sugar intake such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatty liver disease, and cavities. Yet, 63% of Americans continue to consume more than the recommended intake while also not meeting recommendations for important nutrients like fiber. One solution is the use of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, such as pears, in creative ways to reduce added sugar in the kitchen – in both sweet and savory recipes. In this webinar, you’ll hear the current evidence and policies on added sugar intake from an esteemed research nutritional biologist at the forefront of sugar research. An award-winning author and culinary expert will also demonstrate easy culinary applications to reduce added sugar in everyday recipes. Think: poppyseed dressing made with fresh pear puree and fudgy brownies with mashed sweet potatoes. We’re certain you’ll walk away inspired!

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