A Fresh Take On Food Processing: Empowering Your Audience To Make Informed Choices

Food processing has played an instrumental role in building a safe, accessible, equitable, healthy and sustainable food system. Yet, there has been growing confusion surrounding the benefits associated with the consumption of processed foods. Considering approximately 9 in 10 Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, it is important that consumers understand the impact of various food processing techniques on the safety, accessibility, and at times, nutrient retention, of their favorite produce – ultimately helping to reduce the stigma around these foods and increase intakes of nutrient-rich foods, such as frozen, canned or dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

This session will take a deeper dive into the evolution and benefits of common food processing techniques; parse through terms and phrases that continue to be confusing to both health professionals and consumers alike; and highlight ways to deliver compelling, science-based messages and application techniques that educate and empower people to incorporate all forms of fruits and vegetables into eating patterns that meet their nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Watch the recording of the webinar below.

Presentation Slides