Have a Plant: Fruits & Veggies for Better Health

Find out about American fruit and vegetable eating patterns and how a lack of federal spending on fruits and veggies could affect you.

2015 reports were released by Produce for Better Health Foundation that examine America’s produce consumption and the question of whether federal spending priorities for food and agriculture adequately reflect the urgency of the diet and health challenges confronting the American people. Reports address how the consumption of fruits and vegetables affects health care costs and the need for increased federal investment in fruit and vegetable spending.

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2015 State of the Plate Report – Study on America’s Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables
The 2015 State of the Plate report provides key insights and trends in consumption of fruit and vegetables over the past 5years, including a look at future consumption projections. Read Report

2015 GAP Analysis – The Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Challenge: How Federal Spending Falls Short of Addressing Public Health Needs
This 2015 Gap Analysis outlines how USDA, NIH, CDC and spending for fruits and vegetables is out of synch with their own dietary recommendations. Read Report

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