Have a Plant: Fruits & Veggies for Better Health

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The temperate days of fall are made for being outdoors. The sunny days and cool crisp air are perfect for soccer, football, jogging, rekindling a relationship with a hula hoop or jump rope, dancing in your living room, or simply skipping across a field.

Along with a balanced diet, regular exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy weight, strong muscles, joints, and bones, and for lowering your risk of the big three chronic diseases in America: heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Plus, it just feels good!

Both kids and adults should make time for exercise every single day. Kids and teenagers should aim for 60+ minutes and adults should aim for 30+ minutes. A good diet helps you feel great before and after physical activity, and fruits and vegetables make it easy!

Before Exercise
Fuel up for performance and top off muscle energy stores with carbohydrates …

    • Fruit and yogurt smoothie
    • Apples and peanut butter
    • Your favorite fruit

After Exercise
Restore electrolytes with produce and rebuild muscle with protein …

    • Banana with low-fat chocolate milk
    • Whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce with broccoli
    • Brown rice topped with edamame and other favorite veggies

Maggie Moon, MS, RD
Corporate Nutritionist

Fruit & Vegetable Recipes
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