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Coming to Terms with My “Un-Coolness”

Remember when your parents wouldn’t let you do something and you’d think how when you grew up you would be a cool parent?
I did whenever I didn’t like something my parents did or didn’t agree with one of their rules.
Lately I’m finding myself having to come to terms with the fact that my own kids view me in the same way I viewed my parents–UNcool.

I don’t know why, but I feel like the past couple of months a number of things have happened to really bring this fact to light for me.
And, quite frankly, I’m struggling with these feelings–not liking that my rules and restrictions are viewed as "stupid" or "lame" by my kids. 

Recently, Alex was asked to go to a Justin Bieber concert with friends.
The concert would be held in Philadelphia and one friend’s older brother (age: 19) would be driving the three girls to the concert, dropping them off and returning when the concert was over.
The idea of three 14-year-old girls alone at a packed concert in the city with zero adult supervision didn’t sit right with me.
Not to mention I wasn’t keen on an older teen driving three younger teens up I-95 into the city.
I told her she wasn’t allowed to go, explained my reasons and continued to get grief for it over the next few weeks (the other girls’ parents let them go, etc.).

If you read my blog regularly you now that I do try to make sure my family eats healthy most of the time.
Of course I let the kids have snacks and sweets, but I also make sure they are eating well balanced meals.  I pack their lunch each day for school and now I’m hearing about how some of Alex’s friends only eat French fries for lunch.
The insinuation was that she is in the minority of those who bring a decent lunch to school.
I told her French fries every day is not a healthy lunch and if she wanted to buy fries every now and then to go with her existing lunch she could, but she wasn’t going to only eat fries every day.

Finally, I guess insisting John dress appropriately for the weather is on the nerd list as well.
It was pointed out to me that other guys don’t wear a coat when it’s cold (we’re talking below freezing)–it’s no big deal.
I’ll mention when this conversation took place he was fighting a head cold.
I pointed out that those boys looked like frozen popsicles standing around waiting for their rides.

So, I’m left with the decision–do I go along with what "everyone else" does or do I stick to my guns and be a geek, nerd or the like?
As of right now I’m sticking to my guns–if I can just get a handle on being an uncool mom I think I’ll feel better.

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