Get ready for National Fruits & Veggies Month in September!
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A Happy Balance

Healthy Menu & Shopping List: Week 1

      Print ‘n Go PDF of this Healthy Menu & Shopping List    See Menu & Shopping List: Week 2 >> WEEK ONE Menu What You’ll Need Staples SUNDAY Grilled Turkey Tenderloin   Grilled Asparagus   Corn with Roasted Red Pepper   Baked Potato •  Turkey tenderloin    2 – 2 ½  pounds (plan for    leftovers)•  Asparagus•  Baking potatoes•  Frozen corn•  1 red pepper •  Olive oil MONDAY Black Beans and Rice   Southwestern Coleslaw •  2 cans black beans•  1 can diced tomatoes or    Mexican style tomatoes•  Frozen corn, if desired•  1 large head green cabbage•  1 medium jalapeno•  Green onions •  Brown rice•  Hot sauce •  Cumin •  Cider vinegar•  Vegetable oil•  Garlic powder •  Chopped garlic •  Cilantro•  Oregano•  Onion TUESDAY Garden Goodies Salad   Whole Grain Parmesan Toast   Melon •  Romaine lettuce•  Cucumbers•  Cherry tomatoes•  Carrots•  Melon•  Leftover turkey •  Shell pasta•  100% Whole grain bread•  Parmesan cheese WEDNESDAY Baked Fish with Pineapple Salsa   Crazy Curly Broccoli Bake   Steamed Carrots •  Fish•  2 cups fresh pineapple chunks•  Red pepper•  1-2 jalapenos•  3 cups chopped frozen broccoli•  1 10 oz. can low-fat cream of    broccoli soup, condensed•  Carrots •  Skim milk •  Bread crumbs•  Onion•  Cilantro•  Whole wheat       […]