How can I add green veggies to my 3-year-old grandson’s meals?


Your grandson’s taste buds may not be ready for the taste of green vegetables but with some time and strategies this can change. If your grandson likes fruit, keep in mind many fruits and vegetables have the same vitamins and minerals, so variety is key.
Here are a few strategies for your consideration:

  1. Try adding green vegetables to fruit smoothies. Spinach is a great option and won’t affect the taste.
  2. Consider his involvement in the kitchen. Let him scoop frozen vegetables, like peas, into the pot or serving bowl. Allow his creativity to flow by creating a funny face snack with a variety of vegetables.
  3. Dipping green veggies may make the taste more palatable.
  4. Don’t give up. The more often children see fruits and veggies and watch you eat them the more likely they will try as well. Encourage your grandson to try a bite of a green veggie reminding him his tastes might have changed and he may like it this time. It may take 8-10 ‘tastes’ before they like a food.

Our Healthy Kids section provides fun and interactive ways for children to learn more about fruits and veggies and spark an interest in trying them. Best of Luck!

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